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The archive contains all plenary events of EPS-12 as well as the program of two parallel symposia, viz., Symposium 1 (European Research Infrastructure - Neutron, Muon and Photon Sources, Low-Energy Ion Accelerators) and Symposium 7 (High-Energy Accelerators and the Future of High-Energy Physics). We apologise that, at the moment, the video file showing the speaker and the presentation file corresponding to the screen in the lecture hall are not synchronised. We are working on that problem and will, in the next months offer synchronised files of as many talks as possible.

Due to some copyright aspects, some talks are not yet available in the archive. We are about clarifying these problems and hope to complete the archive soon.

Should you have any problem with the archive please do not hesitate to contact the EUROTRON helpdesk.

Presentations of the EPS-12 General Conference talks not recorded on video can be found in the EPS-12 Archive in PDF format.
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