Eurotron Conference   EPS-12 Conference

The scientific Roadmap of Particle Physics in the coming 20 Years

B. Foster

University of Bristol, UK, DESY, Hamburg, Germany

The Large Hadron Collider, currently under construction at CERN, should be completed in 2007. It is likely to revolutionise our understanding of particle physics. There is an unprecedented world-wide consensus that the next major project in particle physics, which will complement and extend the research that can be done at the LHC, is the construction of a linear electron-positron collider with an energy of at least 400-500 GeV. My talk will explain why this is the case and put it in the context of other current or planned facilities. I will also discuss what other developments will be important in the longer-term future to ensure that progress in understanding the fundamental constituents of matter can continue.

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